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Simultaneously with the establishment of BK University in 1993, on the initiative of Professor Dejan P. Kreculj, PhD, the research and developmental unit called CESPRIK was founded. In 1996, it became the Institute for Strategic Studies and Development, as the inseparable part of the University.
Under the conditions of sanctions and war in the region, the goal was to build, small in size but significant in the lodestar, an interdisciplinary research center inĀ  service of peace, tolerance and the search for constructive solutions to the problem of Serbia and the Balkans. By the end of 2001, the Center was the main connection and the extended part of BK University and BK Group towards the prominent individuals (scientists, politicians, diplomats, etc.) and institutions in the country and abroad, with particular importance to the University, BK Group and wider community in our country.

In 2001, the Center for Globalization Studies (CGS) was formed as a spontaneous step of further development of the Institute and response to changes that occurred in Serbia and the region. CGS quickly took its place in our academic community, by working on current topics of European and Euro-Atlantic issues, and by advocating the need to use new changes in Serbia and the Balkans as a good opportunity for accelerated accession to the EU and NATO.

With recent changes at BK/ALFA University, which led to additional complexity of CGS's business environment, the conditions for being independent center were created. In this respect, in 2010 the Center became the independent, non-political, non-governmental organization oriented to the creation of alternative paths of development towards Euro-Atlantic integration, while trying to properly understand the environment and time in which we live.


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