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  • New forms of international cooperation in sphere of preventive action and combat against violent extremism;
  • Spiritual aspects of civilization changes and development of scientific, cultural and educational strategies for the beginning of the 21st century;
  • Strategic aspects of joining Serbia  to the EU and transformation of the Southeastern part of the continent into the developed part of the European nations’ community;
  • Security challenges in the Balkans under globalization conditions, with emphasis on terrorism and organized crime;
  • Global economic crisis and its influence on the development of Serbia;
  • Place, role and importance of Euro-Atlantic integrations for the development of Serbia in globalization;
  • Transformation of Serbian diplomacy under the challenges of interdependence and integration processes on the regional and global level;
  • Communication as the spinner of globalization;
  • Preventive methods of identification for a peaceful and constructive conflict overcoming  and crisis with a focus on creating a new culture of democratic process along with "immunity" to any  ethnocentrism and intolerance;
  • Development of consciousness and enlargement of spiritual potentials of an individual and society, as an imperative of the mankind survival;
  • Sociological, political and psychological problems of cultural “melting pot” under the conditions of globalization;
  • Socio-psychological aspects of information society;
  • Development and trends of financial and corporate influence at  the global, regional and local level;
  • Bio-psychological and sociological aspects of new consciousness appearance in the information civilization;
  • Philosophical, sociological and axiological issues of cultural identity in globalization (under the conditions of globalization);
  • Alternatives of the World Order, global governance and problems of the World Government.



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